Arman Sagynbayev: I Was Tortured by the FSB

“Two Wires Came Out of the Box”: Penza-Petersburg “Terrorism” Case Suspect Arman Sagybayev Says FSB Tortured Him with Electrical Shocks in Minivan Antifascist and anarchist Arman Sagynbayev, who was arrested and remanded in custody as part of the Penza-Petersburg “terrorism” case, had until recently admitted his guilt. On September 4, he withdrew his confession, explaining

Anti-fascist teenager reveals how Russian security services brutally beat and tortured him

Since October 2017, nine people have arrested as part of “The Network” case, which has seen Russian anti-fascists and anarchists in St Petersburg and Penza detained on terrorism charges. According to Federal Security Service (FSB) investigators, all the arrested men were members of an organisation that planned to provoke the “popular masses for further destabilisation

‘I caved almost immediately.’ How Russian federal agents tortured confessions out of the ‘Penza Case’ anti-fascists

In mid-June, a court in Penza extended the arrest of several suspects in the so-called “Penza Case.” Nine left-wing activists from Penza and St. Petersburg are charged with creating a “terrorist group” that supposedly plotted to destabilize the country through a series of nationwide terrorist acts during the March 2018 presidential election and the FIFA

Defense Demands Reopening Investigation Into Antifascist Dmitriy Pchelintsev’s Tortures By Penza FSB Officers

Last week, one of the main accused in the “Penza case”, 25-year-old Dmitriy Pchelintsev, told his lawyer Oleg Zaytsev during a questioning that the Penza FSB officers tortured him after he first reported the tortures. They demanded that Pchelintsev withdraw his accusations against FSB officers. Whereas initially he gave in to the pressure and told

Not Taser Traces But Bed Bug Bites. The Investigating Committee Refuses in Opening Prosecution For Torture Of “Penza Case” Witness

The Investigating Committee has refused to open a criminal case on tortures of Ilya Kapustin from Saint-Petersburg who was interrogated as a witness in the “Penza case”. According to the investigator, some of Kapustin’s injuries are due to legitimate use of force by FSB officers (the man had allegedly tried to escape) and the traces

“You should understand: FSB officers always get their way!”: Anti-fascist Viktor Filinkov reveals how he was tortured by Russian security services

In late January, news that Viktor Filinkov, a left-wing activist and computer programmer, had disappeared (24 January) at St Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport was followed by arrests and searches (26 January) at the apartments of anti-fascist activists in the city. When Filinkov then surfaced in court and pre-trial detention, he stated he had been tortured by

The Penza “Terrorism” Case

On January 23, antifascist Viktor Filinkov disappeared in Petersburg. He was found two days later: the press service of the Petersburg court system related Filinkov had been remanded to police custody after confessing his involvement in a terrorist network whose members “profess[ed] the anarchist ideology.” Members of the Public Monitoring Commission were able to visit

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