Russia Jails 2 Anti-Fascists, Ending Terror Case Plagued by Torture Claims

A court in St. Petersburg has sentenced two members of an anti-fascist activist group on terrorism charges, the final verdicts in a case the authorities say has prevented high-profile attacks and rights groups condemn as fabricated, the Mediazona news website reported Monday. Eight members of the Set activist group — Russian for “Network” — were

International actions on the last day of the trial in St. Petersburg

On June 22 in the evening on Wenceslas Square in the center of Prague there was a demonstration of solidarity with Julian Boyarshinov and Viktor Filinkov, who were sentenced on that day in St. Petersburg for the so-called “Network case”. More than 60 people with different political views gathered on the square. Speakers in Czech,

The Network Trial in Petersburg: Closing Statements by Defendants

Network Trial defendant Viktor Filinkov tells a joke: “A programmer, a businessman, and an industrial climber planned to overthrow the government.” The Penza Case in Petersburg: Closing StatementsMediazonaJune 18, 2020 The trial of the “Network terrorist community,” whose alleged members have been charged with violating Article 205.4.2 of the Criminal Code, is winding down in

RUPRESSION collective statement regarding the article “Four went in the forest and only two went out” (about “the investigation” of the connection between the “Network” case and the disappearance and death of two young people in Ryazan oblast)

Meduza presents a version according to which Maxim Ivankin, a defendant in the case of “Network”, in plain view of Alexei Poltavets participated in the murder of their acquaintances, Artem Dorofeev and Ekaterina Levchenko (Degree of Poltavets’es involvement in the murder is not specified). According to Meduza’s version, the murder was committed at the direction

Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Russia

A Call for Solidarity Actions February 22-29 We must not forget the anarchists and anti-fascists suffering repression in Russia! We are calling for people to take action of all forms to express support for these prisoners, to protest the prison system, and to spread information about the use of torture as an instrument of repression

Russian antifascists sentenced to 6- 18 years prison

The trial of seven Russian antifascists accused of terrorist offences ended today in Penza, western Russia. Dmitry Pchelintsev recieved 18 years,  Ilya Shakursky 16 years, Arman Sagynbaev 6 years,  Andrei Chernov 14 years, Vasily Kuksov 9 years, Mikhail Kulkov 10 years and Maxim Ivankin 13 years imprisonment. The Network case has begun in October 2017,

86 Years in Prison for 7 Defendants in Network Case

Defendants in Network Case Receive Up to 18 Years in Prison The Volga District Military Court, [sitting in Penza], has [convicted and] sentenced seven defendants in the Network Case. Dmitry Pchelintsev was sentenced to 18 years in a maximum-security penal colony. Ilya Shakursky was sentenced to 16 years in a penal colony and fined 50,000

“My Statement Has Been Recorded Accurately”- an Exhibition in Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Russia Living Gallery Berlin

Exhibition opening and roundtable, 5 p.m., February 1, 2020, with simultaneous translation from Russian to German; solidarity DJ set, 8 p.m. Exhibition closing and auction, 7 p.m., February 3, 2020 Living Gallery Berlin presents a group show of works by Russian anarchists and antifascists, as well as artists in solidarity with them. The Network Case

Solidarity from Israel

“On 25 January presidents met in Jerusalem to cynically remember the holocaust, while they themselves are responsible for concentration camps, torture and mass killings. Anarchists chose to welcome Mr Putin with a show of solidarity in front of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv. Freedom to the Anarchist imprisoned in Russia. Freedom for the rebels

David Graeber made a Video in Support of accused in Network case

Graeber is the author of the bestselling book “Debt: The First 5000 Years”. The man whom the press called the ideologist of the Occupy movement. One of the few academic scholars who do not hide their anarchist views. The author of many publications in support of Kurdistan. “Some Russian friends asked me to look into

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